Sunday, 13 November 2011


Once again this week I have been "lucky" as I managed to get an interview with Chris Huhne - and in this case luck was actually involved. One of my friends works for the Lib Dem in Eastleigh and told me about this local conference happening last week end. He gave me all the contact details I needed. The only thing I had to do was to ring the press office and ask for a press pass, and arrange the interview with the cabinet minister.

The hardest thing was to actually prepare the interview - I didn't know how much time we would have, but I suspected that he probably wouldn't spare half an hour with me. I was right, the whole interview must be about 5 minute long! The main topic was Europe, and I managed to slip a personal question at the end about the recent media storm around him.

I was quite happy with it, until his ex wife Vicky Pryce revealed two days later the juicy details about their divorce and that she wanted to pursue a career in politics. At which point Brian asked: "Why didn't you ask him about his ex wife?!"

Indeed a few weeks ago I heard that she might go into politics, but it was only a rumour at the time, which is why I didn't ask. I guess next time I won't bother then, rumour or not, I'll ask anyway. Only question is, is it in the public interest to know Huhne's opinion about his ex wife's potential political career? (This is a genuine question by the way, not one of my sarcastic ones so feel free to reply).


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