Thursday, 3 December 2009

Eco action in Winchester

Heatseekers vehicles will soon help Winchester homeowners to reduce their energy consumption by spotting escaping heat from their houses.

Scientists from the Energy Saving Partnership have developed Heatseekers vehicles using thermal imaging technology – a technique that identifies heat in cold temperatures.

Heatseekers vehicles will operate at night in the streets of Winchester this month. Once this operation done, a team of energy advisers will contact local homeowners to tell them how to improve their insulation and in the meantime reduce their energy bills.

The Winchester District Strategy Partnership chairman George Beckett has welcomed the initiative with delight: "This scheme will help our residents see the heat and money leaking out from their homes and we hope it will inspire them to take action. The scheme is supported by Winchester Action on Climate Change and will not only help in the fight against rising CO2 levels, but also help save our residents money in these difficult times. The energy advisors have information about grant discounted insulation which is available to all homeowners and significantly reduces the cost of any insulation improvements."

The Director of the Energy Saving Partnership Keith Hewitson said: "The HeatSeekers thermal imaging vehicle has already created quite a buzz in the sector and we are delighted to see it in action in the Winchester District. The technology has already helped improve energy efficiency in thousands of homes across the country. The HeatSeekers vehicle is one of the key front-line weapons in the battle against climate change and is already playing an integral role in the plans to make UK homes more energy efficient."

If you are a homeowner and would like information about you property’s energy consumption, please call HeatSeekers on free on 0800 111 4968.


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